2023 Tax Year Delinquent Parcels
In accordance with Title 40, Chapter 10, Code of Ala. 1975 (ยง40-10-180 through 200), the Jackson County Tax Collecting Official has authority to auction and sell tax liens on properties for which ad valorem property taxes are delinquent.

This year the auction will be held online instead of in the Jackson County Courthouse. This will allow bidders to access the auction from any device (phone, tablet or computer); purchase liens from the comfort of their home or office; access property tax data instantly; track activity and purchases in real-time; and enter bids ahead of time to streamline the bidding process. The auction will take place on April 30th, at 10:00 a.m.

The online address for the auction is www.govease.com. Those wishing to bid must register with the site as well as send a copy of your W9 and any other required documents to the Revenue Commissioner's Office to qualify for bidding. This must be done prior to bidding.
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